To the “Positivus” Festival

A cruise on a sailing yacht to the popular Positivus music festival in Salacgriva.

Can you head to the “Positivus” festival on a sailing yacht on which you can stay overnight? Of course you can!

Not surprisingly, as more and more people discover this, a yacht cruise to “Positivus” is becoming an increasingly popular way of travelling to the festival. Such is the demand that every year on the third weekend in July, several sailing yachts head to Salacgriva or Kuivizi with happy companies of festival goers on board.

A Yacht Cruise to the Positivus Festival in Salacgriva

The 2017 “Positivus” Festival in Salacgriva will take place from Friday, July 14th to Sunday, July 16th. The main festival programme will take place on July 15th and 16th.

We set off from Riga or Jurmala either very late on Thursday or early on Friday morning. After cruising for several hours, we reach our destination of either Salacgriva or Kuivizi early on Friday morning or later that afternoon. We remain moored there until Sunday lunchtime or evening when we head back to Riga. Late on Sunday or evening or early on Monday morning, we arrive back in the capital.

The distance of the cruise in one direction is 45-50 nautical miles. In terms of sailing time, you have to reckon with a cruise lasting from seven to ten hours at sea. This depends on the chosen port destination, wind conditions and the state of the sea.

How Big a Company Can Head to “Positivus” on a Sailing Yacht?

The number of passengers and berths depends on the chosen yacht. There are usually 2-4 cabins on a yacht and thus 4-8 beds. Another 2-4 people can sleep in the yacht’s main saloon. More people can take part in the cruise itself and use other accommodation options such as “Kapteiņu Osta” (“The Captains’ Port”) in Kuivizi. The precise number is dependent on the chosen yacht and can range from six to 20 people.

Why drive by car when you can sail by yacht? And why sleep in a tent, maybe even in the rain and mud, when you can enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep on a sailing yacht with a WC, shower and warm water, where you can also make and eat a delicious breakfast?

It could well be that sleeping in a tent in the mud is an integral element of the festival’s charm, but those who have enjoyed the pleasure of cruising to the festival on a sailing yacht are the first to admit that it would hard for them to contemplate travelling to “Positivus” in any other way.

The use of the amenities offered by the yacht: shower, toilet, kitchen, dishes and cutlery are available in accordance with the captain’s instructions. A shower and toilet are available free of charge at the Salacgriva Yacht Club. A sauna is also available in Salacgriva for a separate charge provided that you book it well in advance.

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