Stag party on a yacht

Stag parties are a great way to celebrate the end of your "freedom", so you can start married life with a clear conscience. A typical stag do attracts the bachelor’s best mates, school friends, relatives, and, oftentimes, his closest workmates. It should be held in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. The perfect solution is to hold the stag party on a yacht!

Have a Stag Party to Remember on a Yacht

When you’re about to get married, stag dos and hen nights are a great way to celebrate the end of your “freedom”, so you can start married life with a clear conscience. A typical stag party attracts the bachelor’s best mates, school friends, relatives, and, oftentimes, his closest workmates. It should be held in a fun atmosphere with no worries about any need for awkward explanations later. Most people get married some time from the early summer through to late autumn.

In warm weather, you can dress stylishly and have a lot of fun outdoors. You can turn a stag do into a memorable experience by hosting it out of town on the water, on a yacht. Since the dawn of time, men have been respected for their hunting skills. One such skill is fishing. Maybe, you’ll be lucky enough to catch the goldfish that, when released back into the water, rewards you with a new home, car, yacht, or, who knows, a honeymoon on a Pacific Ocean island…

Preparations for a Stag Party

The stag party programme should be planned by either the bachelor’s brother or best man. The lads agree on the attractions and sort out the budget. For example, one guest will pay for the petrol, another for the fuel, another for the outfits and gifts, while the rest will take care of the attractions, including organising the yacht cruise. Another option is to calculate the budget for the stag party on a yacht and then divide the costs equally. For obvious reasons, you’d be well-advised not to hold the stag do the day before the wedding, but about a week before!

You can buy your outfits for the stage party on a yacht at a hunting and fishing store. Among the items you might consider buying are a sailor’s shirt and a fishing rod so that the bachelor’s skills don’t get rusty after he’s married. You can print identical T-shirts for the party guests. If you want to spice up your party, you can buy some small funny items at a sex shop. You should figure out how much alcohol you’re going to drink well in advance. From a financial perspective, you’ll get the best deal at an alcohol wholesale base, where booze is cheaper and more conveniently packaged. And, whatever you do, don’t forget to buy some “grub”. You can order them in good time from a pastry shop or buy them at a supermarket, where you’ll find kebab meat in a delicious marinade, tender and juicy vegetables, pickled gherkins, hot sauces and filling snacks to suit every taste.

Party Tasks

In a marriage, the husband has to take the wheel when it comes to steering the course of the marriage. That much is clear. When it comes getting behind the wheel, a bachelor may be a dab hand at driving a car, but are his skills up to scratch when he gets behind the wheel of a yacht? The morning begins with instructions from the yacht’s captain. The captain’s right-hand man is the groom-to-be. The first task is to steer the yacht into the open sea. When this has been accomplished, this achievement can be celebrated with a first toast. Including with the solemn oath that whatever happens during the remainder of the day will remain the confidential knowledge of those present, because remember: he who breaks the oath of silence is destined to five years without sex!

Maybe the bachelor is an avid angler. In this case, the stag party should begin early in the morning or in the afternoon when the fish are more likely to bite. This way, there’s a bigger chance that you’ll actually reel in the “catch of a lifetime”, which you can then cook on a barbeque on a deck. However, you should check the weather forecast and the strength of the wind before setting out. This is a great reason for a refreshing swim! When the catch has been safely caught, you can immortalise it on your mobile phone just to prove to those at home that you’re not just telling them tall tales.

A yacht is the ideal place for the telling of impressive stories about your hunting and fishing, not to mention seduction, prowess. For example, you can indulge in a game of truth or dare. We suggest starting the game before everyone gets too drunk, because later on dares can seem easier to perform, and get more dangerous. You’ll better off if your more extreme dares involve “feeding the fish”. Or else you prepare 50 questions and 50 answers in advance. On a random basis, one person draws a question and then somebody else answers it. Like: would you like to be left alone with me? To which the answer is, of course, “No, you f……. libertine, have you gone bonkers?” And then, if you like, you can spice up the question-answer process with a challenge.

Stag Party Attractions

You can try out the unity of the team spirit by organising an unexpected evacuation. Can you men get your act together for an unexpected alarm and inflate a rescue dinghy, safety jackets and remember to take your most important items with you?

Another question to be considered is whether dessert is to be or not to be? For example, this could come in form of an unexpected visit from some ladies, accompanied by a striptease or virtual striptease elements? That should be decided by those who know the bachelor best. No matter how much a man is fond of the opposite sex, he may feel so loyal to his intended that he ends up being embarrassed. However, on the other hand, a visit from a mermaid could be a fun party element for the other guests and the yacht’s captain. Another possible attraction is a test in giving first aid. Only you have to be careful that the goldfish whom the bachelor has encountered by chance doesn’t end up snagging him on her own hook.

If the bachelor or any of his guests is musically talented, you can turn the stag party into an improvised concert. To the accompaniment of acoustic guitar, you can sing your own songs. Everyone can sing a line of lyrics with the aim of ensuring that the funnier the atmosphere, the better! Don’t forget the good old maritime hits like the immortal Drunken Sailor, or if sea shanties are not your thing, then why not belt out Queen’s classic Sailing or their anthem for winners We are the Champions, as well as any of the fun songs from the repertoire of the Estonian country-punk band Reigani. Or if you don’t fancy singing, you can make do with toasts in which you salute your most outrageous hunting and fishing successes.

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Of course, not every bachelor is a fan of eccentric entertainment. In this case, you can liven up your stage do on the yacht with a game of “Alias”. With every new version of the game, its makers seem to choose even crazier and funnier words to guess at. So you definitely won’t be bored, although your intellectual potential will definitely be put to the test. If you fancy it, you can liven up your board games by incorporating alcoholic spirits as an element of the game. For example, you can play a game of drinkers’ draughts. The rules of the game are nearly the same as in a real game of draughts. The only difference is that the draughts pieces are substituted with small shot glasses containing variously coloured alcoholic beverages. Whenever a piece (glass) is taken, its contents have to be emptied. Either the player taking the piece drinks the shot or his opponent, or alternatively, the matter is resolved by public demand.

Conclusion of a Stag Party on a Yacht

As the day reaches its conclusion, after mooring the yacht, you can head into town to cruise around the nightclubs in a limousine you’ve booked beforehand. By this time you’ll most likely have summoned up plenty of Dutch courage, but will you have the necessary charm to persuade the girls to give you their phone numbers? Maybe this is the last night of night of freedom for another member of your party? In that case, sauna could be a good option. So that, tired out from the rigours of fishing, your body can cast off its old skin and get a second wind, followed by peace so you can sleep like a lamb. Next day, you’ll return fine, upstanding and smiling to your bride-to-be so that you can both swim off into calmer waters. Sounds like a great plan doesn’t it?