Unforgettable hen party on a yacht

Our lives have many important turning points, one of which is your wedding. However, before you get hitched, you simply have to celebrate a great hen party on a yacht together with your friends! It should be loud, funny and slightly whimsical, so that you can embark on your new life with the love of your life in the perfect frame of mind.

Hen Party on a Yacht

There are countless important turning points in our lives such as the joys of childhood, the first and last September of your school years, getting your academic degree, followed by your wedding and the birth of your kids. However, before you get hitched, you simply have to celebrate a great hen party on a yacht together with your friends! It should be loud, funny and slightly whimsical, so that you can embark on your new life with the love of your life in the perfect frame of mind. And why not organise your hen party on a yacht, where you can enjoy a fantastic celebration, complete with its own unique charm and atmosphere?

A hen party is like a promise – even though you’ll have other priorities after your wedding, you’re not going to forget either yourself or your friends! If the chosen metaphor for the party is “steering your vessel into the port of marriage” – the hen party will give you the chance to do exactly that on a yacht. Or, if you like, the theme for your hen party on a yacht could be the four elements of water, fire, earth and air. Celebrating it on the yacht will not only be a great adventure, but will also help you to steer well clear of clichés and stereotypes.

Planning the Party

Vital to the success of any serious hen party is the enthusiastic support of your best mate, the presence of romantically inclined ladies and, of course, an energetic bridesmaid who undertakes many of the organisational duties, thus leaving the bride free to focus on enjoying her last hurrah as a free woman before she ventures down the altar and settles down on the magic carpet of married bliss. Preparations for the party should commence well in advance so that it turns out to be a truly memorable event. No proper hen party would be complete without its surprise elements, although it would probably be wise to consult the bride-to-be beforehand, if only to find out what she considers to be a pleasant surprise. You should also talk to her friends from childhood and university so that you can find out some unusual facts about the bride, which even she has long since forgotten – or would like to have forgotten. However, just remember that while it’s perfectly alright for the blushing bride to be mildly embarrassed at her hen party, her embarrassment should only result from pleasant surprises!

When you’ve worked out the ideas for the party, point by point, you can begin to prepare. Hearing wedding bells the morning after her hen party is probably not a good idea, so you’d be well advised to hold the hen party on a yacht a week earlier, giving the bride at least a week to prepare for the big event.

A written scenario will make planning work a lot easier. It helps you to plan a budget and to come up with a Plan B in the event that the sunny day you’d hoped for turns out to be rainy. You should put one girl in charge of preparations for the party. In Latvia, this is often the bridesmaid, but there’s no need for her to do all the work herself. Each of the party goers should be given the chance to organise some element of the party, e.g. transport, decorations, buying snacks and drinks, etc. And there should be no worries for the bride-to-be should as far as the hen party budget is concerned – money matters are usually taken care of by the other girls!

Hen Party Activities on a Yacht

During the hen party itself, the bride-to-be should be the queen of the ball. Therefore, she should be escorted to the port in a fancy car like a limousine, luxury jeep or vintage car, or maybe in a horse-pulled carriage or is some completely unusual way. Once the hen party on the yacht has begun, you will cruise down the River Daugava, River Lielupe or along the coast from your port of departure at Riga, Jurmala or Pavilosta. Marriage is like a port of peace – the bride will have to able to anchor her “ship” evenly in a port of peace. Therefore, she could do with a captain’s introductory course in yacht navigation.

A hen party is a bonding event for girls, which should also be reflected in the dress code for the event. Maybe you can order some simple party-themed shirts or at least hair bands. Depending on the season, when setting off on a hen party cruise on a yacht, you should definitely remember to bring at least one layer of warm clothing with you, because life gets chillier once you’re out on the water.

However, on a summer’s day you can get a great tan sunbathing on deck. You should also take a refreshing swim, so bring the necessary gear with you: sun hats, swimming costumes, raincoats, as well as a blanket and towel. In autumn, you can enjoy the stunning sight of fall leaves and the other picturesque natural scenery.

The hens should get hold of the items required for the attractions including balloons, fun aprons and masks. If you decide not to hire a photographer, you should definitely bring a camera with you and arrange for one of the girls to immortalise the event in photos.

When it comes to drinks, you should go for the sparkling variety, i.e. champagne and mineral water. With a view to keeping your figure is perfect shape until the wedding, you should buy some light snacks and fruit to enjoy during the cruise. To save time, you could order your snacks from a restaurant. In planning activities on a yacht, you definitely remember that you may have to put on life vests, which the captain is entitled to ask you to do during the cruise, because as the Brits say – safety first!

The Bride’s and Hens’ Oaths

The first oath of the evening should be given by the bridesmaids, “On my honour, I swear never to use the bride’s words or actions against her.” As the waves sway the yacht from side to side, you can also make a second oath: to help one another even if you have to pray before a porcelain altar (toilet bowl)!

Taking the hearts you’ve prepared in advance, the bride will entertain her friends with funny stories about her ex-boyfriends. When the story is over, the heart should be either burned or inserted into a bottle and tossed into the sea. Thus, this symbol of the flame of passion will suddenly be washed away in the sea or river water. This is the perfect moment for the bride’s oath, “I will always love and cherish my future husband, but will never forget myself or my girlfriends!” The form of the oath is not important, but it would be ideal if it were beautifully prepared so that the bride can put it away in a safe place as a keepsake, thus having something that will always inspire happy memories whenever she reads it, bringing a smile to her face and improving her mood.

A Hen Party in Four Elements – Tasks and Attractions

The evening’s spiciest performance elements will take place against a background of the element of fire. For example, the girlfriends of the bride-to-be should talk about the possibility of a stripper performing at the party. During the cruise, the stripper can be disguised as a member of the crew who later unexpectedly does “the full monty” during the course of his performance.

If you’re organising the hen party on quite a tight budget and you feel you need to spice it up with something exotic: you can order a phallus-shaped cake at almost any proper bakery provided that you order it well in advance. Shyer hens will be pleasantly by the flowers unexpectedly presented by handsome strangers (arranged by their friends) on the way to the marina or after disembarking from the yacht.

To celebrate the element of the earth, the bride should dance to the music of her favourite songs. It will be the task of the bride-to-be’s girlfriend to compile a list of her favourite music. Songs that will get you in the mood include Joe Cocker’s You Can Leave Your Head On, Beyoncé’s Single Ladies, Dance for You, as well as anything from Lady Gaga’s provocative repertoire. Dance is an important element of any relationship – it reveals the bride’s feminine side with which she can titillate her new husband time and time again.

The earth element also symbolises the bride’s talents as a housewife. During a hen party on board the yacht, you can test out the bride’s cooking skills by giving her unusual assortment of products such as two eggs, corn flakes and a carrot and instructing her to use these to cook her husband breakfast. This task should be performed when the yacht is rocking from side to side on the waves. It is well known that one of the most common reasons why a husband gets upset is because he’s hungry!

In turn, the element of air will be symbolised by balloons to which tiny notes containing wishes are attached. This way, these wishes are floated into the air, releasing them so that they can come true. Or you can release white pigeons, thus symbolically making peace with the past. Another idea would be to organise a lantern workshop, which can be released into the air when you reach the gates to the sea.

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An integral element of every hen party is the performance of various interesting tasks. For example, games involving questions and answers. Before the party, one of the “hens” should ask the husband to be about a wide range of subjects, so that the answers can then be used to come up with questions for the bride-to-be in order to find out just how well she knows her future husband. For every wrong answer, she has to put a piece of HubaBuba in her mouth. The trickier and more difficult the questions, the fuller her mouth and the funnier the situation will be. There can be all kinds of questions on subjects ranging from childhood toys to much spicier subjects. The most important thing is that the questions should be prepared as creatively as possible!

The Next Morning

Organising a hen party also includes arranging breakfast next morning in good time, including sparkling refreshments and the chance for the hen to visit SPA salon either on her own or with her mates. While you enjoy your beauty care treatments, you’ll be able to discuss last night’s adventures on the yacht and raise a total toast to your personal marital yacht happily dropping anchor in calm waters!