Sailing Yacht Sun Odyssey 42DS

Sailing Yacht Sun Odyssey 42DS 

Majestic cruises on a wonderfully maintained yacht for demanding clients

  • Max. 12 persons
  • Length 42.4 ft / 12.9 m
  • From center of Riga


The majestic Sun Odyssey 42DS is unquestionably a masterpiece of French yacht building. You can recognise Jeanneau yachts from a distance, thanks to their curved body lines.

We recommend that this yacht should be chartered by clients with high expectations in terms of design, fittings and the condition in which this vessel is maintained. Among yacht charter options, this is a true jewel.

Comfort and Amenities on the Yacht Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42DS

The yacht’s broad cockpit and foldable table at the back of the yacht are signature features of yachts built by the Jeanneau firm. The saloon has a redwood finish. The sofas are covered with natural light cream leather and are invitingly comfortable for passengers. The yacht also has two cabins, which are intended for long distance cruises. On the inside, the cabins are rounded and cosy. At the centre of the saloon is a large table for organising small celebrations for 6-8 people.

Passenger comfort of this yacht is augmented by a well-fitted galley (kitchen), two WCs with a shower in each cabin and six beds (including two beds in the saloon).

No. of Passengers

The Sun Odyssey 42DS sailing yacht can accommodate a maximum of 14 guests, but the we recommend that the yacht should be chartered by parties of 10-12 guests so that everyone is as comfortable as possible. On long distance cruises, the yacht can carry a maximum of eight passengers.

Yacht Rental Times

We offer yacht charter cruises almost every day subject to advance booking. The recommend cruise duration is 3-5 hours. During this period, we will be able to enjoy the invigorating air of the Gulf of Riga coast.

Book a yacht, using the reservation form; firstly check out in the FAQ section or contact us!

Departure Point for the Yacht Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42DS

We will start and conclude the yacht charter cruise in Central Riga near Vanšu Bridge. For an additional charge, we can arrange for the yacht to pick up passengers at other suitable jetties.


  • Max. 12 persons
  • Length 42.4 ft / 12.9 m
  • From center of Riga
  • Width 4.1 m
  • Audio
  • 6 beds
  • 2 cabins
  • 1 WC


Ideally you will have a full day at your disposal to spend on board the yacht. In this case, we could treat you to a proper cruise around the Gulf of Riga before cruising along the Lielupe before pausing by the picturesque Lielupe White Dune to take a swim and you enjoy the snacks and refreshments you’ve brought with you. In favourable weather conditions, we could cover at least 50 nautical miles in 10 hours and sail to Engure or Skulte (Zvejniekciems) and back again.

On a 5-6 hour cruise, we can deftly swing around the Gulf of Riga, but if you are pressed for time, then three hours is the bare minimum that we would recommend for undertaking a cruise on this yacht. In this case, we could embark on a beautiful 14 km excursion along the Daugava to the Daugavgriva breakwaters and back again.


Snacks during the Yacht Cruise

To make your yacht charter experience even more special, we have prepared a choice of three assorted menus of cold snacks for your enjoyment and pleasure. We would like you to be able to enjoy the cruise without the worries that go with having to buy, prepare and transport food.

The snacks include a selection of seafood and a selection of cold meats and cheese, complemented by finely prepared finger food. For dessert, we offer you a choice of fruit, cakes or Panna Cotta. And, last but not least, bread with herb butter.

Download snack menu

Charter fee

From Monday to Sunday:

10 hours: €850: - an elegant day’s yacht cruise: from Jurmala to Engure or Skulte

9 hours: €800

8 hours: €720

7 hours: €650: Riga - Jurmala or Jurmala - Riga

6 hours: €580: a cruise to the Lielupe Estuary and back again

5 hours: €500: a beautiful excursion into the Gulf of Riga

4 hours: €450: a small excursion into the Gulf of Riga

3 hours: €350: to the estuary and back again

2 hours: €260: līdz Kundzinsala and back again

1 hour: €170: to Vansu Bridge and back again

Net prices are shown, VAT 21% not included


  • Yacht charter is only available under the supervision of an experienced captain.
  • It is prohibited to use red wine, red berries and their juices on board the yacht.
  • It is prohibited to go on board the yacht in dirty footwear, footwear with black soles, as well as high heeled shoes.
  • You should board the yacht wearing light soled leisure footwear.
  • On board the yacht, the captain’s word is law! Passengers must carry out the captain’s instructions precisely and promptly.
  • Please arrive at the jetty where the yacht is moored 10-15 minutes before the planned departure time.
  • If children aged up to 12 years of age are taking part in the boat tour aboard the yacht, please inform us in good time so that we can prepare appropriate safety vests for the children.
  • We do not recommend bringing children under three years of age along on a board tour aboard a sailing.
  • We offer a wide range of snacks during the boat tour. Please order the snacks two or three days beforehand.
  • If you suffer from sea sickness (kinetosis), we recommend that you start using the relevant medicines an hour before the start of the boat tour.
  • It is usually cooler on water, so we recommend bringing along some warmer clothing and a light wind jacket.
  • In sunny weather, we recommend bringing along some sunglasses, protective sun cream and a cap with a peak.
  • The yacht is equipped with rescue equipment and safety vests for guests.
  • During the boat tour, it is prohibited to throw rubbish into the water.
  • Animals are not allowed on board the yacht.
  • A good mood is compulsory on a boat tour aboard a yacht! :)

Booking terms

  • The cruise reservation will be confirmed after the booking fee (security deposit) has been received in the Organiser’s bank account. The reservation fee is 30...50% of the total price of the cruise.
  • The booking will deposited into the total Yacht rental charge. However, in the event that the yacht cruise does not take place, because of a unilateral cancellation by the Client, it will not be reimbursed.
  • Rain or a forecast or rain before a cruise is not considered to be a reason for the cancellation or rearrangement of the cruise or reimbursement of the booking fee.
  • If the Yacht rental Client is late for the start of the cruise, the length of the delay will be included in the total length of the cruise and will not be compensated, while the return to the jetty will take place at the contractually agreed time.
  • In the event that the Client unilaterally wishes to shorten the originally agreed length of the booked yacht cruise, the cruise will be shortened as far as possible, but the Client will still have to pay the full Yacht rental price, which was originally contractually agreed.
Read full booking terms
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"Andrejosta", Eksporta iela 1A, Rīga

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