“The Smile of the White Dune”

A cocktail of three hours of fresh air and the picturesque landscapes of Jurmala, Lielupe river

The Lielupe White Dune is a unique natural formation in Jurmala, on the right bank of the Lielupe, literally a couple of kilometres from the estuary into the sea. This strikingly beautiful high white sand slope is visible from afar when sailing by yacht along the sea coast, from Bulluciems on the opposite bank, and from the Lielupe railway bridge.

The natural shores and tranquil flow of the Lielupe have a magnetic attraction for many of our clients who want to embark on a yacht charter cruise. If you have three hours at your disposal, cruising the route from Lielupe Yacht Club to the sea estuary and beyond is a great way to relax after a stressful working day.

It takes a sailing yacht approximately 40 minutes to cruise to the Lielupe Estuary. The return route will take the same amount of time. On the right bank of the river, the lofty pine trees are a truly impressive sight. In certain places, there are genuine cliffs with steep sides.

Half way to the sea, rising up against a backdrop of pine trees is the picturesque Lielupe White Dune which can we admire at close range. The sailing yacht will also cruise by the Bullupe estuary and the former home of the exclusive fish smokehouse at Varnukrogs which not surprisingly was very popular with local Communist Party bosses during the years of the Soviet occupation.

Beyond this point, we will head past the meadows of the Vakarbullu floodplain and the shore, which is much favoured by angling enthusiasts, before cruising into the Gulf of Riga. For about an hour, we will enjoy its invigorating coastal winds before sailing back along the narrow Lielupe tributary opposite Bulluciems.

The left bank of the Lielupe is lined with broad fens that form lots of tiny islands. Winding their way among them are picturesque tributaries where many waterfowl have created their nests. Luckily for us, the tributaries are deep enough for us to navigate them on a sailing yacht, with the additional benefit that this allows us to enjoy the views offered by the magical village of Bulluciems and the 23 ha territory of the once impressive “Uzvara” (later renamed – “Juraslicis”) Fish Farm.

In any weather conditions, this is an ideal route on which to enjoy the new experience of chartering a yacht accompanied by a glass of sparkling wine and the snack you’ve brought with you.

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Note: this route is just one of the ideas we can offer you. You can also book a longer cruise time and include this route as part of your cruise or augment it with other activities of your choice. You are free to change this route as you like by agreeing the route on the spot with the yacht skipper. Depending on the weather conditions, the yacht skipper may make changes to the route if the safety of the passengers requires this.