“Coastal” snack selection

“Coastal” snack selection

For a truly delicious yacht cruise, we offer you our "Coastal" selection of cold snacks. Your snacks will be delivered to and served on board the yacht.

Finger food:

  • Rye bread served with fresh dill cheese, cold smoked butterfish, softly boiled quail egg and chives;
  • Hash brown with fresh mustard cheese, roast beef and grilled red onions.

Cold snack selection (~300g / pers.):

  • Selected fish: cold smoked butterfish with pickled olives • herring fillet matured in herbs, served with pickled onions • slightly salted salmon matured in dill • capers;
  • Selected meats: chicken breast pickled in balsamic vinegar • chicken roll with spinach, dried tomatoes and brie cheese • ash-roasted rib of beef • bacon wrapped port terrine;
  • Selected cheeses: Štelle cheeses • goat cheese truffles with hazelnuts and herbs • smoked cheese • Mimolette • brie • jam • puff pastry sticks;
  • Vegetables: Selection of fresh, grilled and pickled vegetables.

Dessert and bread:

  • Home-baked bread and butter.

Total amount of snack selection “Coastal” per person: ~350 grams.

Total: €19 + VAT21% / 1 person
Disposable tableware and delivery to yacht club – at no extra charge.
Minimum order size: 9 portions.

Order snacks: by phone (+371) 2248 7667 or by e-mail: cruises@yachtum.com

Other snack selections:
• snack selection “Ocean” – €34 + VAT21% / pers.
• snack selection “Offshore” – €25 + VAT21% / pers.